Tuesday, April 7, 2009



walk contacts and passes from Nathan Green on Vimeo.


Ian said...

"well my ultimate goal is to work in a games company doing animations, character animation if possible. But not at krome because i don't like their games."

Well its just as well you don't want to work at Krome, because I've never seen anyone animating a walk cycle like that around here. Funny thing is, I can't think of any games studios where you would need to animate a cycle like this one.

A strainge thing too because you would have thought this exercise was the perfect chance to practice the skills you need for the job you want :P

I'm so glad Frank got people to post their goals earlier this year, it give me so much leaverage. hehehehehe

Nathan Green said...

well this isn't necessarily going to be the walkcycle i use for my showreel. this can just be a test, and saying i don't want to work at krome cause i don't like their games is kinda stupid, i don't think it really matters what their games are like, i'd still get to animate something interesting. I'll take any position i can get, anywhere :P

Ian said...

An oportunity to practice is just that an oportunity, you won't get many more before the end of the course, so don't waist em.

Every task you do in class (yes, even experimental animation or the theory tasks) is an oportunity to move towards your goals.

My advice.... don't let a single one of them go to waist under any circumstances.