Monday, February 16, 2009

My Goals

To be a good animator. To recieve the skills required to get me a job,

well my ultimate goal is to work in a games company doing animations, character animation if possible. But not at krome because i don't like their games.

my narrative will be something out there that might not make sense, but will be action packed.


Frank said...

What games do you like Nathan?

Frank said...

Street Fighter 3 would be one of the games that you like? What others?

Nathan Green said...

i like shooters mostly, shooting games and fighting games,

Bioshock is a really good game, wiki that and you'll see what i mean, if i were on a team like that it would be really cool, you should see all the concept artwork and stuff, it would just be really fun to be a part of that whole process, even delving a little into character design as well.